The Sea Beach Line                                                       novel, Fig Tree Books (2015)

"New York City pulsates with the accidental lives of seers and thugs, mystics and con artists, false prophets, lovers, and sidewalk heroes in The Sea Beach Line, a one-way ticket into the subterranean life of the city and what lies beyond it." — Salar Abdoh, author of Tehran at Twilight and editor of Tehran Noir

“Ben Nadler’s The Sea Beach Line is a hypnotic mosaic of stories within stories whose layers piece together a fascinating mystery of a young man’s search for his father.” — Brendan Kiely, author of The Gospel of Winter

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Trailer for The Sea Beach Line

Line & Hook (illustrated by Alyssa Berg)                         chapbook, Perfect Wave (2016)

A 20-page book featuring three poems by me, illustrated through the eyes of comics artist Alyssa Berg. Hand bound and published for the first time via Perfect Wave in a limited edition of 75.

Buy: Available directly from Perfect Wave.

Punk in NYC’s Lower East Side 1981-1991            history zine, Microcosm Publishing (2014)

Now in its second printing!

 “This account of the N.Y.H.C. scene from 81' to 91' is especially informative about Dave Insurgent and Reagan Youth. […] When I read it I learned something new about Dave and I have to admit that what was written is a great account of those crazy days called the eighties."  - Paul Cripple, Reagan Youth

Buy: Available directly from  Microcosm (No longer on Amazon; Microcosm has taken control of their own distribution!)

Spanish Translation Out Now

Punk in NYC's Lower East Side 1981-1991 has been translated into Spanish, and published in Chile as Punk: NYC 1981-1991 by Editorial Montacerdos.

The Men Who Work Under The Ground                poetry chapbook, KTBAFC Press (2012)

Video based on the chapbook, featuring audio by Amelia Winger-Bearskin, animation by Paul McLean, and images by Will Crofoot:

Harvitz, As To War                                                        novel, Iron Diesel Press (2011)

“[F]rom a Vietnam vet’s weed farm in California to a gated community in Florida, from Coney Island to Williamsburg – As To War enticingly intimates Nadler’s great fund of erudition, shrewdness, and brutality.”      – You’re Beautiful, New York

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Molochide Templon                                                         zine (2010)

This is a zine I put together with Will Crofoot a bunch of years ago, containing work by the two of us, Germ Ross, Liat Mayer, and a few others.